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Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia…Terms of Reference (ToR) for consultancy work on Borehole Hydrogeological Investigation

Terms of Reference (ToR) for consultancy work on Borehole Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessments to be done at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia(in Addis Ababa Hospital)


Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia operates the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, five outreach centers, Desta mender and Midwifery College providing free treatment for poor women with child birth injuries, rehabilitation & reintegration and train midwives nurses. It is located at kolfe keraniyo sub city, woreda 09, House Number 920 behind the Swiss Embassy.

The Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE) has allocated funds for the upgrading of the existing borehole which is not working currently and Hydrogeological Investigation fornew borehole drilling in the main Hospital, Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, around TORHAYLOCH  


The purpose of this consultancy is to complete an assessment, Hydrogeological Investigation and make recommendations for the mechanical drilling of boreholes for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, head office which is located at Addis Ababa


1.  To reassess the existing borehole condition and Provide constructive recommendation 

2.  To assess two (2) sites within the target of the hospital to determine Suitability for mechanical drilling of boreholes

3.  To Provide a Productive report on the underlying hydrogeological conditions for each of the assessed sites, recommending one site best for drilling to be conducted

4.  To develop specific guidance on the type of drilling methods and borehole development techniques that can be used to extract safe water for the hospital community.

5.  To prepare detail design of boreholes and bill of quantities for one (1) drilling sites.


•   Hospital community

•   Addis Ababa city administration water and sanitation bureau  

•   Ministry of mineral and energy development

•   Local drilling companies


1.  Assess two (2) sites within the target to determine suitability for mechanical drilling of boreholes

a.  Consultant will be responsible to get these pre-selected sites checked by proper Geophysical/ Geological and traditional methods to confirm the technical feasibility of drilling a successful borehole(s) for hand pump installation. 

b.  The consultant should ensure that the sites selected, surveyed and recommended for the borehole are preferably within the hospital and are not more than 500 meters from where the hospital community live. The site should definitely not be in a place that gets flooded in the rainy season and should be away from the flood plain area of any streams or rivers in the locality. Special care must be taken to ensure that the sites chosen are at least 50 meters away from toilet pits or

any other sources of pollution such as garbage pits, sewerage tanks or spills/ over flow from pipes, graveyard, and stagnant pools of dirty water or animal pens

c.  To carry out a hydro-geological and geophysical site instigation for a total of 2 drilling sites in the above mentioned locations using the appropriate geo-electrical methods.

d.  To conduct a thorough hydro-geological desk study prior to the commencement of the field survey to determine the appropriate method and how the surveys can be conducted.

e.  To choose and utilize appropriate and modern geophysical instruments for the geophysical survey to identify potential sites for the proposed borehole sites.

f.  To perform profiles in each site using suitable and quick array (Wenner or Schlumberger methods, etc.).

g.  To perform Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) per site using Schlumberger array. A minimum of 1,000 m long survey line should be used so as to collect data about resistivity strata depth information from 150 to 250 meters below grade surface. Good configuration that is understandable and adaptable, and appropriate recognized geophysical software(s) must be used for interpretation.

h.  To collect, organize, analyze and process data and model it using modern and recognized geophysical software.

i.   To label each VES taken with wooden markings and the three (3) potentially recommended sites must be shown in the site sketches in the final reports.

j.  To look for the appropriate equipment and computer software to be used at consultant’s expense.

k.  To study and include borehole drilling success rates in the area under consideration.

l.   The consultant shall provide all tools, equipment and materials, and shall perform all Works necessary to satisfactorily locate sites for drilling.

m. The consultant shall employ only competent workmen for the execution of the Works, and all such Works shall be performed under direct supervision of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

n.  The consultant shall specify in a Schedule of Survey Equipment and Accessories all those items that are to be used to undertake this work. It shall at all times be kept in full working order and good repair.

o.  If the Client (HFE) considers that the survey equipment or any accessories in use on the site of the Works is in any way unsuitable, inefficient or inadequate in capacity, the Client shall have the right to call upon the consultant to put such equipment in good order within seven days or alternatively to remove such and replace it with additional equipment which the Client considers necessary to meet the requirements of the Contract.

2.  Provide a report on the underlying hydrogeological conditions for each of the assessed sites, recommending one site for drilling to be conducted

a.  At least three (3) sites shall be identified and recommendations made in order of survey results

b.  Report should include sufficient detail to satisfy the requirements of the client.

3.Develop specific guidance on the type of drilling and borehole development techniques that can be used to extract safe water for use

a.Guidance should include practical recommendations based upon the site assessments - Accessibility, hydrogeological considerations, locally available equipment and expertise


In Field Debriefing

The consultant should provide a debriefing before leaving the compound in line with the above stated objectives and detailed scope.


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Kindly indicate the accurate starting date and specifically showing the number of days for desk study, inception, preliminary and final reports:

Image removed.7.TEAM

The work will be supervised by the HFE, with technical input from the WASH Technical Advisor.


1. The consultant shall be responsible for the provision of all technical inputs, all the necessary equipment and personnel comprising of one (1) Hydro geologist and one (1) Assistant hydro geologist and other expertise and technicians 

2. The Consultant will present three copies of the technical report together with all relevant maps, diagrams profiles and data related the hydrological instigations according the scope of this TOR.

3. The consultant shall implement the project with due care and diligence in accordance with the objectives and obligations specified in this TOR and within the mutually agreed budget and time frame.

4. The consultant shall be responsible for safety procedures for the personnel and equipment materials used for carrying out project activities.

5. All documentation must be written in English

9. Proposal Evaluation Approach.  

 [Weighted scoring evaluation approach -The evaluation criteria will be a split between technical and commercial (price proposal) scores (a 70/30 split).

Proposals submitted in response to this RFPS should include and will be evaluated against the following:

a) Technical Evaluation:     

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Total Maximum 70 Points for technical evaluation will be considered and only Proposals which receive a minimum of 50 points will be considered further for financial evaluation.

a) Price Proposal (commercial evaluation) will have a total weight of 30% which makes the technical and financial evaluation 100%.  The highest scorer will be the winner. The contender achieving the highest combined technical and price score will (subject to any negotiations and the various other rights of HFE detailed in this RFPS) be awarded the contract.

Applications can be submitted in hard copy to the procurement office on or before the7th of December 2018 at 3:00PM.  At 3:30 PM the bid will be opened in the presence of the contenders.NB: Application deadline is Wednesday December 07, 2018

The Proposal that complies with all of the requirements meets all the evaluation criteria and offers the best value for money shall be selected and awarded the contract. Any offer that does not meet the requirements shall be rejected.