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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI .. Request for Proposal for Human Centered Design firm with Facility Design Experience


Request for Proposal for Human Centered Design firm with Facility Design Experience

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a non-profit organization is a leading innovator, convener, partner, and driver of results in health and health care improvement worldwide. In Ethiopia, we have been collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) supporting the development of strategy in healthcare improvement, building capability in creating a culture of quality improvement (QI) and testing QI in Maternal and Newborn health(MNH) in selected woreda/districts. As part of this effort, IHI Ethiopia is looking for a design firm/contractor with proven experience in using human centered design (HCD) in health care and facility design and construction.

Purpose and Objective

This specific project aims to design ‘ideal maternity care’ from the end-users’ perspective, through a deeper insight and understanding of how health facility design and location might enable quality MNH care provision and care utilization in traditionally underserved and under-utilizing populations of rural and pastoralist Ethiopia. Through co-design with community members and health care workers, we aim to learn if and how 'model maternity unit' would differ to meet the needs of diverse communities enabling the provision of high quality, patient-centered, and culturally competent care using HCD in pastoralist and agrarian districts. Given the differing context and culture between agrarian and pastoralist regions of Ethiopia, ‘model maternity unit’ that would serve as a model in these two settings would be designed and constructed.

Scope of the Work

The ‘model maternity unit’ is planned to be conducted in two health centers (one in pastoralist-Afar and one in one of the four agrarian regions), the specific site of which would be decided along with the FMOH and the regional health bureaus.We are planning to usea holistic approach where the national standard, the clients’ (i.e. mothers and their significant others) and the healthcare providers’ perspective will be considered in designing the ‘model maternity unit’. It is anticipated that the ‘model maternity unit’ could include: antenatal care room, the maternity waiting home of 10 to 12 bed capacity, admission area, family members waiting area, nursing station, labor and interior delivery room of eight to ten bed capacity, postnatal care room of 10 to 12 bed capacity, Kangaroo Mother Care room of four to six bed capacity, toilet and washing facilities, and a kitchen. However, any of this could potentially change based on the co-designing result of the initial immersion phase of the HCD. While designing and constructing the wards; space for companion, privacy for mothers, more ‘attractive’ ward which is culturally sensitive would be given due attention. Engaging the end users using appropriate tools of the HCD in defining what/how their ideal maternity unit would look like is at the core of this work. To ensure potential scale-up within the regions, local construction materials and local equipment and supplies would be prioritized.

To undertake the above project, IHI is planning to partner with a human centered design and construction firm that has a proven track record of using the HCD tools and approaches in building construction.

Hence, the potential suppliersare requested to provide their proposal specifying how they intend to partner in this endeavor with acost estimate for the co-designing work using the above potential specified number of rooms and bed capacity.  Rough timeline for the activities and testimonials and proof of past work engagement are also required.

Key Deliverables:

Proposal for human-centered design of maternity services.

Execution of design immersion activities in selected geographic areas.

Summary report for Model Maternity care including design documents.

Modes of Application

Interested applicants need to submit

1.         Technical Proposal: a narrative that aims to convince the client whether the applicant has the required breadth of knowledge, experience and skills to accomplish the design work (Max-10 pages + Cover letter + Cover page).

The proposal need to contain a) A Cover page (Max. 1 Page) b) A Cover letter, introducing the consulting firm interested in carrying out the work (Max- 1 page) c) Technical narrative that shows clear understanding of the required service, (Max- 5 pages) d) Summary of qualifications of the team (CVs), and the firm’s experience on similar tasks (Max- 4 pages) e) Management and Reporting: (max- 1 page) illustrative how the project will be managed and reported f) Annexes (No page limit).

2.         Financial Proposal: A detailed financial proposal showing expected cost per activity, duration in number of days, manpower/day/activity, daily rate of compensation etc.

The Technical and Financial proposals should be in two separate envelopes, one original and one copy of each. The cover letter and all supporting documents such as CVs, testimonials, and recommendations should be included with the Technical proposal.  Business registration and license, and VAT and TIN certificates, should be included with the financial proposal.

Submission Dates:

All interested applicants need to submit their complete application and supporting legal documents to HR/Operations unit in 10 working days from the publication of this announcement. No applications will be accepted after 5 PM (Addis Ababa time) of the last working day.

Anyone interested in additional information on the project can contact Dr. Birkety Mengistu through email at [email protected] or call her at 0911 673 608.