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Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia…Bid Announcement To purchase Motor insurance & Property Insurance coverage

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Bid Announcement Motor insurance & Property Insurance coverage


Established in 1966, Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) is one of the prominent non-governmental organizations in Ethiopia that has been contributing to the national effort to meet the high unmet need for reproductive health services in the country for more than to half a century. 

Currently the Association is working under eight Area Offices that coordinate more than 43 own and 370 private and public clinics found in almost all regional states of the Country.

As part of the ongoing effort to systematically manage associated risks of the association’s vehicles and properties, FGAE wants to procure relevant insurance coverage for all of its owned motor vehicles and properties as per the ToR.

To this end, the association would like to invite qualified insurance companies to supply with all relevant insurance coverage for FGAE.

Description of the Assignment

The Purpose of this assignment is to engage an insurance company to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all assets of FGAE. More specifically the assignment intends;

a.         To purchase comprehensive motor insurance coverage to:-

I.          Motor Own Damage Insurance

II.         3rd Party Insurance

III.        Motor 3rd Party Liability and property damage for personal injury and property damage

b.         To purchase comprehensive property insurance coverage

I.          Fire and Lightning Damage and Impact Damage

II.         Burglary and house braking

III.        Money Insurance

IV.        Fidelity Guarantee insurance

Interested insurance companies can participate in the bid to offer the service as per a Terms of Reference (ToR). Applicants can collect the ToR within 21 days beginning the advertisement date at FGAE, Head Office Room no. 303 (Addis Ababa) at a non-refundable fee of birr 50.

Application procedure

All bidders are required to submit separate technical and financial proposals in sealed and stamped envelopes (two copies each) at the FGAE, Head Office (Addis Ababa) before December 10, 2018 at 12:30 (Lunch time).  Bid proposal shall be accompanied by a bid security of 1% of the bid amount in the form of CPO or bank guarantee.


Applicants are required to fulfill the following minimum requirement:

          They should be legally registered in the insurance industry;

          They should have TIN&VAT registration certificate;

          They should be able to provide organizational profile;

          And they should have a good deal of experience in the insurance industry.

The bid will be opened on December 10, 2018 at 2:00 PM (After lunch) at FGAE Head Office Hall (Addis Ababa) in the presence of bidders who are willing and able to attend the opening.

FGAE reserves the right to partially or fully cancel the bid.

For more information, Compliant and / or  questions

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE),

Debre Zeit Road, Meskerem Mazoria (Ritchie Area)

Tel. 251 (11) 467 2300,  251(11) 4671723

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia