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Action For Development (AFD), an Ethiopian Residents Charity, invites interested bidders to Supply Reinforcement bar for its project implementation entitled “ Strengthening Resilience of Agro – Pastoralists‘ Livelihoods in East Africa (SRAPLEA) ETH115

Abay Insurance S.C.

Request for proposal (RFP) Bid No. 004/2018

With the Vision of becoming the Most Preferred & Iconic Insurance Company in Africa, Abay Insurance S.C. is committed to provide various insurance solutions by ensuring its customers a breathtaking service experience and have Peace of Mind.

Abay Insurance S.C. (AISCO) has been providing general and long-term (Life) insurance solution since 2010. Spurred by its achievements AISCO would like to invite Business Management Consultant Firms that has specialized in financial service industry to examine and develop Organizational Structure, Job Analysis, Job evaluation, Salary and Benefit package of the staff based on Terms of Reference (TOR) document.

All interested consultancy services provides engaged to undertake this consultancy services meets the set eligibility requirements are invited to collect the TOR prepare for this purpose starting from November 12, 2018 in working hours, for non refundable fee of Br. 100.00 (one hundred Bir.) Bidders are expected to submit their technical and financial proposals to the following address on or before November 22, 2018 at 3:00 pm:

Abay Insurance S.C.

Enat  Tower, at nearby Elili Hotel around

Kazanchies in front of the former Yordanse Hotel

Tel: 0115-535808, Fax: 0115-157690, P.o. Box: 5879

Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia

The technical and financial offer  of the bidder will be opened on the same date,  November 22, 2018 at 3:30 pm in the Abay Insurance S.C. Head Office 4th floor at Resource Management Department Office.

AISCO has the right to reject, rebid, cancel or modify any part or entire Bid.

Abay Insurance S.C.