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Short term Consultancy

3 June 2018

ADRA Ethiopia is a nonprofit making international NGO working   in Ethiopia since 1982 during the time of severe drought, civil unrest and famine. Moving from relief, in those early days, ADRA began to focus more on development activities in various sectors including, food security, education, health, water and sanitation, capacity building and agricultural sectors. ADRA’s strategic plan for Ethiopia is to concentrate on poverty reduction by implementing sustainable development projects which focus on building the capacity of individuals and communities to enable them to eventually support themselves.

ADRA is pleased to invite consultancy firms, legally established & Registered (valid and renewed business license) to operate in the country or   qualified freelance to submit their SERVICE PROPOSAL (financial and Physical) to the conduct Livelihood analysis   according to the terms of reference established (TOT), for the proposed project funded by   Denmark Government in collaboration with ADRA Denmka.

The project is entitled “Resilience in Horn of Africa (RiHA)  in Shable Zone, Gode Woreda of Somali Regional  State of Ethiopia.

Those interested in participating in this open call should   collect the TOR (Terms of Reference) from the next date of this announcement on newspaper.  Please, collect during office hours (Mon-Thur. 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM) and (Fri 8:30Am – 11:30AM only)  from ADRA Ethiopia Country Office located in front of Gandhi Hospital within the compound of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on the 2nd floor of the building behind the church in Addis Abeba and Gode ADRA Ethiopia Filed office.  For further inquiries please call +25115512212

The deadline for submission of the proposal (technical and financial) will be on the 10th Calendar day (13th June 2018) from the date of this announcement.


Please, collect the TOR before submit of the document as it has instruction and important notice to be followed.