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ACDI/VOCA is seeking to develop a suppliers source list of qualified businesses that can listed as a potential supplier for various goods and/or service under the following lots.

Expression of Interest for Vendor Listing; Procurement of Various Goods and Services

ACDI/VOCA is a U.S. based international NGO dedicated to support the development of cooperatives and other agriculture –related enterprises in Ethiopia through technical and material assistance. ACDI/VOCA is currently implementing the following programs in Ethiopia: Feed Enhancement for Ethiopia Development (FEED III) is a project’s whose overall goal is to improve the income of smallholders through improved access to consistent, affordable, high quality animal feed that can support greater livestock productivity and efficiency.  Advanced Maize Seed Adoption Program (AMSAP), is to increase maize productivity by transitioning farmers from using open-pollinated varieties to using improved hybrid seed varieties, reducing post-harvest losses, expanding access to credit and inputs, and building the capacity of extension services to disseminate skills and good agricultural practices (GAP) to Ethiopian maize farmers.

Through this Expression of Interest, ACDI/VOCA is seeking to develop a supplierssource list of qualified businesses that can listed as a potential supplier for various goods and/or service under the following lots:

[Lot 1]ICT Equipment/Computer, scanner, printer, photocopy machine;

[Lot 2]Audiovisual equipment;

[Lot 3] Office furniture and supplies;

[Lot 4] Stationery materials;

[Lot 5] Printer and photocopy tonners;

[Lot 6] vehicle tires;

[Lot 7] Vehicle Spare parts;

[Lot 8] Power generator;

[Lot 9] Communication equipment; HF radio, SAT phones;

[Lot 10] Communication materials, mobile apparatus;

[Lot 11]Animal feed and forage seed/Vegetative planting material;

[Lot 12] Agricultural hand tools;

[Lot 13] Electrical materials, cables, switches, sockets, plug, control box;

[Lot 14]Printing and publication services;

[Lot 15] Advertisements for Media Spots;

[Lot 16] Maintenance of office & equipment and furniture;

[Lot 17] Installation & maintenance of generators;

[Lot 18]Firm based consultancy services;

[Lot 19]  Lab equipment;

[Lot 20]  Animal feed manufacturing equipment;

[Lot 21]  Milk processing;

[Lot 22]  Poultry equipment;

[Lot 23] Irrigation/water pump and accessories; and

[Lot 24] Vehicle Rent

In order to competitively procure goods and services, ACDI/VOCA will be issuing multiple RFPs and RFQ’s to companies who qualify for the source list.

Therefore, to be listed as qualified source for our database you must obtain the full details of this Expression of Interest and submit as required,you may collect the expression of interest by sending your request to both [email protected] and [email protected] or collect in person using the address below.

Deadline for response to Expression of Interest: December 20, 2018

Marathon Building, 4th Floor Megenagna,

P. O. Box 548 Code 110 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tell: 0116 620685