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Agricultural Inputs supply


DAI – Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme

Call for Applications from Agricultural Inputs Supply Enterprises for Competitive Cost Shared Grants Aiming to Increase Farmer Access to Agricultural Inputs


The DFID funded LIFT Programme implemented by DAI led consortium is offering business expansion support to private Ethiopian enterprises involved in production, import, sales and/or distribution and trading with environmentally friendly agricultural inputs in Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and SSNP regions.

LIFT defines business expansion as a set of activities implemented by private enterprises aiming to increase production and/or distribution, trade and sales of agricultural inputs that are in demand by Ethiopian farmers benefiting from the Second Level Land Certification (SLLC), implemented in defined woredas in Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and SSNPR. LIFT defines agricultural inputs as products and items that farmers purchase (invest in) in order to increase  agricultural production and improve post-harvest handling of agricultural produce and includes but is not limited to: improved seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, crop protection products, agricultural tools and equipment, small scale irrigation equipment, post-harvest handling equipment, animal feed, fodder seeds, etc. 

The primary objective of LIFT is to increase farmer access to and adoption of the productivity and profitability enhancing agricultural inputs supplied by producers/importers. LIFT anticipates that through the commercial supply linkages between suppliers and local agro-input retailers/hubs supported by the Programme, SLLC farmers will be able to access, purchase the inputs at an increased rate, and increase their individual holding productivity and income.

Criteria for Application

The applicants (enterprises) must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Are active agricultural inputs production/importing and/or trading businesses based in Ethiopia and are operating/are interested to operate in Amahara, Oromia, and SNNP and Tigray regions in LIFT operation woredas.
  2. Are registered and licensed business entities under Ethiopian law, are involved in production and/or trade with environmentally friendly agricultural inputs and have growing distribution network for agricultural inputs in Ethiopia;
  3. Have been in operation as an enterprise for a minimum of two years before the date of the application;
  4. Are committed and have the vision and financial resources to implement the business expansion with DFID LIFT support;
  5. At the time of applications, are not, receiving business expansion support by other development agency including any agency of the Ethiopian federal or regional government and/or any other bilateral or multilateral donor funded development support.

The types of support that LIFT provides is a Cost Shared Financial Grant to the qualified and selected applicants.

The agricultural inputs trade expansion Programmes proposed, have to be completed within 12 months of Programme start. LIFT’s support for any single Programme cannot exceed 50% of the anticipated total Programme value. LIFT expects to receive proposals/applications from the entities that meet the above eligibility criteria on the following e-mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] . The Application template can be downloaded following the link  For additional information and clarifications, please contact Mr. Tesfaye Getachew using 091 1129465. Applications need to be sent to LIFT in electronic format (MS Word) by no later than June 29, 2018.

Upon receiving the applications, LIFT will evaluate the proposals through:

1. Initial Application Screening. A committee comprised of LIFT technical staff will screen all applications received and for applicants meeting the eligibility criteria;

2. Application Assessment. The best ranked applications (business expansion projects) will be additionally assessed by LIFT via on site verification and follow up discussions with the applicant representatives;

Subsequent to the screening, assessment and final scoring of the applications, LIFT will: (1) Inform all applicants about the results, (2) Negotiate the support details with the selected applicants, (3) Conduct environmental assessment to assure that no negative implications of the Programme to environment and human health will be incurred by the proposed business expansion, (4) Conduct a due diligence to assess the financial and Programme management readiness and (5) Will upon successful completion of the negotiations, sign a grant agreement as appropriate with the successful applicants. If it is determined that negative impacts to environment and human health will be produced and cannot be mitigated and if it is determined that the applicant cannot feasibly fulfill the technical and financial and program reporting compliant with DFID and Ethiopian government regulations, LIFT reserves the right not to sign an agreement with the applicant.

LIFT deserves the right to award support to all, some or none of the applications received. LIFT will not bear responsibility for any costs incurred by the applicant during the application process. The implementation of the business expansion projects will be a sole responsibility of the applicants awarded. The applicant will be in full compliance with all governing Ethiopian legislation and DFID regulations for implementation of the business expansion grant during the implementation of the Programme.