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Educational campaign


Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme

Terms of Reference:

Design and implementation of a light touch communications campaign for LIFT


In 2017, LIFT implemented a pilot behavioural change communication campaign with specific focus on the land rental sector of the LIFT programme. The aim of the campaign was specifically to increase the number of rural households renting out their land in certified woredas that receive second level land certificate. This campaign ended in March 2018.


Following the success of this pilot, LIFT has decided to undertake a second behavioural change communications campaign in the period July 1st2018 – March 31st 2019. The main objective of this communications campaign will be to increase the volume of formally registered land transactions in the rural land administration system by raising the awareness of rural landholders (including women and VGs). The campaign is expected to target 8woredas (two in each region) that will be selected by LIFT. The specific woreda targeting will be (indicative):

  • Oromia Region: Sire and KersaMalimaworedas;
  • SNNP Region:Meskan and KachaBirraworedas;
  • Tigray region: LailayMaychew and Dogua Tembenworedas;
  • Amhara region: HuletEju and Wonberimaworedas. 

The expected outcomes of the campaign will include:

  • Increased percentage of land transactions that are formally registered in selected woredas.
  • Increased number of transactions registered in the rural land administration system.
  • Increased awareness level of landholders (including women and VGs) on the benefits and obligations of registering new rural land transactions and updating the land registry. 
  • Increased awareness of selected change agents on the importance that landholders register new land transactions and the different procedures involved to process transactions.
  • Increased awareness of kebele land administration committees (KLACs) on the updated regional proclamations and the different procedures involved to process transactions.

Competencies and Qualifications Requirements

The selected consultant will be an organisation with the following competencies:

  • A strong track record in designing and implementing communication interventions in Ethiopia as proven by implementing at least three communication campaigns with similar scope, objectives and geography in rural Ethiopia. The consultants will submit examples of similar materials they have produced in the past with their technical proposals to the paying agent to attest the quality of the work.
  • Excellent understanding of the rural sector in Ethiopia
  • Ability to effectively engage with different stakeholders in the rural areas(land administration offices, KLACs)
  • Ability to articulate ideas in a clear and accurate manner including the ability to prepare excellent written documents and reports in English.
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines, establish priorities and plan, coordinate own work plan.

Submission and Requests for Clarification

Full ToR can be downloaded using the following link:

Please submit both the technical and financial documents separately in sealed envelopes to the Human Resource (HR) Unit of the LIFT Programme Head Office, located at Gurd Shola, Off the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources, near Lion’s Security Head Office, telephone, 0118688662/0116676776, specifying the subject of the application: “Design and Implementation of a Light Touch Communication Campaign for LIFT.


The deadline for submitting proposals is June 29, 2018 by 4:00P