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Sale of Broken Bottles / Cullet


BID NO. 002/2018


Bid for Sale of Broken Bottles / Cullet.


  1. Meta Abo Brewery S.C intends to sell old Bottles as Broken Bottles(Cullet) and invites interested bidders to participate in the Bid.


  1. The old assets for which the bid is invited are listed below:



Types of Items





Meta Standard 33cl Bottles



The bottles will be sold as broken (Cullet)




  • Bidders should submit a Bid Security amount of Br. 5,000.00 and Bid Performance of

     Br.15, 000.00 with the bid documents in the form of CPO. The Money is returnable for unsuccessful bidders after the award of the Bid.

  • Sealed bid envelopes should be submitted to Meta Procurement Office in Sebeta by 10:00 AM on / or before June 8, 2018
  •   Bid opening shall be held on the same day in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend, atthe Procurement meeting room in Sebeta at 10:30 AM.

  • For biddersinterested to view the bottles on sale a site visit is scheduled on June 5, 2018between 10:00 AM. Up to 11:00 AM at the Company premises, Sebeta.

  • The bottles are for recycling, not to be used for any other purposes.
  • Meta reserves the right to accept or reject the bid.

  • For further information and enquiries please contact by


Mobile Nos.       +251935998631


Meta Abo Brewery S.C