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Justice for All –Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA-PFE would like to recruit an experienced and reliable consultancy firm to conduct a Strategic Plan review and revision,

Justice for All –Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA-PFE) is a local nongovernmental organization that has been actively working for promotion and protection of human rights since 1992.  Its major pillars of intervention are: a) capacity building trainings mainly to the Justice Sector Institutions including benchmarking of best practices, b) advocacy & policy dialogue c) holistic support to prisoners, d) peace building and conflict management e) women and children rights, and f) others including advocacy on freedom of expression (media law), anti-terrorism and CSO laws.

JFA-PFE had developed a Strategic Plan covering the period of 2016-20. Yet, in spite of the meticulous formulation process, both the internal environment (staff, budget, program, governance and management, etc.) and external environment (political, social, environmental, technological, economic, cultural, and spiritual, etc.) have been changing fast and significantly since the inception of the SP at end of 2015 as never before in the past 27 years.  With these changes, there must be change in the strategic issues, strategic objectives and priorities, etc. It is thus imperative and necessary to review and revise the SP in general to remain relevant in the changing environment.

To that end, JFA-PFE would like to recruit an experienced and reliable consultancy firm to conduct a Strategic Plan review and revision, including the Program Plan for the remaining two years based on the results of the environmental scan.  The details work are presented in the Terms of Reference (ToR) prepared for the purpose.

The Scope and Objectives of the Work

The scope of the work is to review the Strategic Plan (2016-20) of JFA-PFE and based on the results of the review and environmental analysis, revise the Strategic Plan – including the program and activities plan and their priorities in resource allocation for the remaining 2 years. 

The following are the objectives:

•              Review the implementation progress of the program plan of the Strategic Plan, its relevance, effectiveness and impact  in light of its objectives;

•              Full Scan of the current internal and external environment;

•              Revise the strategic plan and program plan in light of the changing external and internal environment; 

•              Document learning, lessons based on participatory reflections, construction and reconstructions and spirals of all stakeholders and the staff.

Desired Qualification:

•              Provenqualification & experience in Strategic Plan development;

•              Provenprofessional qualification & experience on human rights, justice administration and related fields;

•              Consultants who can submit recommendations and trusted referees; 

•              Consultants who can meet deadlines;

•              Excellent English writing skills.

•              FOR DETAILS SEE TOR

Submission of Interest:

Any interested consultancy firm shall collect the ToR from the head office and submit its technical and financial proposals in 10 working days of this announcement in person in a sealed envelope entitled: Bid, SP Review and Revision, Addis Ababa, 2018.

Please submit the Proposals with cover letterdetailing interest and experience, organizational profile and a CV along with price quotes to:

Contact Address:

 Reception Office, Justice for All-PF Ethiopia, Ground Floor, Belihu Building, Meskel Flower Road(Beside Arsho Medical Laboratories)


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Justice for All – Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA-PFE)