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SAVE THE CHILDREN International intends to establish long-term agreements (1 year or above) for the provision of Taxi Lease services


Reference # T-SCI-ET-2018-033

Save the Children International (SCI) is the world's leading independent organization for children. Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. 

SAVE THE CHILDRENInternational intends to establish long-term agreements (1 year or above) for the provision of Taxi Lease services (within Addis Ababa) and hereby invites potential service providers to submit their proposals for these services under the terms and conditions stated hereunder.

Interested applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Renewed business license for the year 2010/2011 E.C, VAT and TIN certificate;
  • Bid Security in the name of “Save the Children International” amounting to ETB 10,000 in the form of CPO or bank guarantee valid at least for 3 months from the date of tender submission. (Cash and insurance bond are not accepted)
  • Established company with clear physical location, address, and contact numbers
  • Provision of taxi services within all areas in Addis Ababa and its environments; including provision of pick-up/drop services from/to hotels and airport; a 24-hour call service, 7-days a week, including holidays;
  • Fleet size35 and above vehiclesenlisted under ownership of the company (Association’s).
  • All vehicles must meet the technical requirement of SCI and Road Transport Authority.
  • Year of manufacture of all vehicles must be equal to or above 2013 (G.C.)
  • All vehiclesshould be equipped with functional meter and odometer reading gauges
  • Fixed fee/charges based on kilometer travelled (price per kilometer) applicable to any region/area within Addis Ababa and its environment
  • Drivers with the following minimum qualifications:
    • Possesses a valid taxi driving license
    • Minimum driving experience of three (3) years;
    • Possesses thorough knowledge of roads/routes in Addis Ababa;
    • Zero record of accidents and child abuse;
  • Qualified and capable staff (non-drivers) fully dedicated/assigned for the management of administrative tasks and activities
  • Administrative/Financial system with capability to produce/issue eligible credit invoices for each trip made (invoice per trip); credit invoice must also include details regarding the date, start and end time, source and destination areas, start and end odometer reading, name and mobile number of lead passenger, vehicle plate number, and the name and cellphone number of the driver
  • Declaration of compliance to Save the Children’s policies

Terms and Conditions:

    • Service Response time – within 30 minutes upon request
    • Payment – on a monthly basis (once); based on meter/odometer readings
    • Price Validity – minimum of one (1) year
    • No fees/charges for waiting-time at airports, hotels, and SCI office. Such fees/charges will only apply to waiting time at homes/residences, after a grace period of 20 minutes.
    • Prices quoted are all inclusive of all seats and baggage compartments.

Interested applicants may obtain the tender documents against payment of a non-refundable amount of ETB 100 from Save the Children International Ethiopia Country Office (address below) starting from October 08, 2018to October 28, 2018during working hours.

Save the Children

Ethiopia Country Office

Near Bisrate Gabriel Church

Supply Chain | Procurement Unit

Tel # 0113 728455/61 Ext. 388/148

Tenders must be submitted in sealed envelopes, one original Technical, one original Financial and two copies one for Financial and one for Technical copy(Four envelopes) Separately, bearing an official company seal, and clearly marked by the “bidders’ name, address, and the tender reference number and title as stated above. Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for the purpose at SCIEthiopia Country Office in Addis Ababa, by October 29, 2018 only byor before 10:00 A.M.

Bids will be opened by the SCI EthiopiaProcurement Committee in the presence of bidders’ representatives who may choose to attend on October 30,2018 at 10:30 A.M.

Save the Children International reserves the right to accept or reject this bid, in partial, or in its entirety.