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DAI Europe call for Expression applies for all interested investment advisory firms that will administer and manage investor linkage activities with the primary objective of increasing access to private equity investors

DAI Europe, together with consortium partners First Consult; Enclude; and ITAD, is managing the UKaid-funded organisation Enterprise Partners (EP), which aims to support and transform Ethiopia’s private sector with continued economic growth. Enterprise Partners is utilising the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach (M4P) and has two main pillars focused to facilitate agro-industrial growth and access to finance in Ethiopia.

This call for Expression applies for allinterested investment advisory firms that will administer and manage investor linkage activities with the primary objective of increasing access to private equity investors.Enterprise Partners is looking for a highly efficient investment advisory firm that will facilitate various activities including investee showcasing in regional/continental platforms, investor speed dating (ISD), ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions with investors, and supporting regional membership of investment actors among others in close collaboration with EP and other service providers.The selected firm should be able to deliver a detailed execution plan and strategy for the various investor linkage programmes and provide evidence based quarterly reports.

The prospective service provider should include a statement detailing suitability for the role and all relevant experience in the field (required to have at least 3 years of experience in investment advisory and 4 years in investment facilitation). Proven resourcefulness; and record of accomplishment in obtaining investment for clients.

Please note that Expression of Interest will expire within 10 working days of posting.

Applications received by firms that have submitted all required documentation will be reviewed by a panel committee. Applicants will be notified accordingly.

Applicants must include technical and financial proposal. The following proposal template serves as an indicator to show what each section of the proposal needs to answer. This is only a guideline and is not exhaustive. 

1.             Cover Letter

2.             Table of Contents

3.             Executive Summary – a high-level description of the proposed scope of service, proposed strategy, institutional capacity and total budget. 

4.             Proposed strategy

a)             Activities selected to attract domestic companies to equity capital;

b)            Strategy to match investors with investing community;

c)             Activities to engage investor with investee;

d)            Projected milestones [detailed action plan of key activities with completion dates]

5.             Budget – [provide one-year detailed budget]  clearly describing each activity with corresponding budget amount, inclusive of VAT and any taxes

6.             Annex

a)             Evidence of deep knowledge and relationship with equity capital providers

b)            Evidence of understanding of equity capital fund raising in general

c)             Evidence of experience in investment

d)            Evidence of track record

e)            References from investor community

f)             Reference from investee community

g)             References of clients who obtained or secured equity capital

h)            References from investor community

i)              Reference from investee community who have undergone investment process

Interested applicants can send their general information to [email protected]