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Digital Green Invitation for Consultancy Service

Invitation for Consultancy Service

About Digital Green

Digital Green is a global development organization that empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the collective power of technology and grassroots-level partnerships.  We join forces with   governments, private agencies and, most importantly, rural communities themselves to co-create digital solutions that are of the community and for the community.  When farmers have the tools they need to connect with one another, they are far more likely to apply what they have learned on their farms and in their households – improving their own livelihoods and those of others in their community, in a manner that’s nutrition-sensitive, climate-resilient, and inclusive.

The work of Digital Green in Ethiopia has focused on helping farmers to adopt improved agricultural practices along the production value chain; i.e., from land preparation, planting….to harvesting, with the goal to increase farm productivity and income. While doing so, we are also mindful that all practices don’t have equal contribution to increasing productivity and production. Inevitably, some of them are more impactful than others.

As of the current (2018) Meher season, we have embarked on a pilot initiative to identify the most Impactful Practices,jointly with MoALR, regional BoANR, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), and regional Agricultural Research Institutes. The initiative has been piloted in 8 woredas of the 4 major regions of Ethiopia(Amhara, SNNP, Oromia and Tigray), with 4,800 farming households, on teff and wheat production value chains, with the objective to achieving measurable yield increase. The change in yield increase is intended to be measured through crop cut and household survey.

Objective of the Consultancy Work

The objective of this consultancy service is to identify the most Impactful Practices (IPs) of wheat and teff production value chainsin terms of theirgreater contribution for better productivity and production and increased income forsmallholder farmers.

Digital Green Foundation would like to invite qualified firmswho are available for the coming four (4) months, ranges between October 2018to January 2019, and able to provide the aforementioned and below deliverables.The firms are expected to have experience in conducting large scale quantitative and qualitative study, especially in the agriculture sector. More specifically, the firm should have a proven track record in conducting crop cut and household survey.

Application Process and Documents:

1. This advertisement is posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018on Reporter Amharic Newspaper.

2.  Stamped TOR is available for pick-up starting at 2.30pm on Thursday, October 4, 2018 until Monday, October 15, 2018 by 5:30pm EST.

3.  Bid (Technical and Financial in a separate wax-sealed envelope) must be submitted not later than Tuesday,October 16, 2018 by 5:30pm EST.

4.  Interested applicants can collect detailed TOR from our office address mentioned below.

Waryt Building, 6th Floor (Opposite to Capital Hotel and SPA)

Haile Gebreselassie Avenue

Yeka Sub-City, Woreda 07

House number - 934/01

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

5.  Digital Green reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.