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Transition to International Public Accounting Standards Call for Professional Consultancy Service

Call for Professional Consultancy Service


Transition to International Public Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

CAFOD &Trocaire are an overseas development organization of the Catholic Church of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Both CAFOD and Trocaire are working in Ethiopia with a legal registration from Charities & Societies Agency of Ethiopia.

The Government of Ethiopia, however, fully adopted IPSAS as issued by International Public Accounting Standard Board (IPSASB) and requires public interest entities that operating in Ethiopia to nationally transit to IPSAS. One of the public interest entities that are subjected to the adoption are Charities and Societies. As one of the civil society entities operating in Ethiopia, CAFOD &Trocaire joint office in Ethiopia was communicated same by Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) to register and also to implement IPSAS starting Jan 1, 2019. CAFOD &Trocaire joint office in Ethiopia has completed the required registration and now ready for the next step for transition to IPSAS.

CAFOD &Trocaire joint office in Ethiopia has developed a road map for the adoption of IPSAS. As part of that road map, it would like to hire a consultancy firm that can provide technical assistant in the overall implementation of IPSAS.

The overall objective of the technical support is for the consulting firm to make CAFOD &Trocaire office in Ethiopia ready for the adoption of/transition to IPSAS and to enable produce IPSAS compliant financial report

The consulting firm should have the following qualifications and experience to carry out the assignment:  

1.         Company/Firm/Business registration certificate with AABE and other applicable government registering office

2.         Renewed Trade License for 2010 E.C.

3.         Tax Clearance Certificate for 2010 E.C

The following are also the minimum requirements to be eligible for the consulting service:

1.         General experience: at least 5 Years in the field of accountancy in the public/ private sector.

2.         Specific experience: the consultant must have at least one year experience in the field of international public/ private sector financial reporting standards (i.e. IPSAS/ IFRS). 

Special Requirement: consultant having experience with the study of similar assignments (IPSAS) in the government entity/others shall have added advantage

If you are interested to take this assignment you can request the full TORthrough email from [email protected]   and/or if youneed explanation, you can send your inquiry to [email protected] . The full technical and financial proposal should be submitted to CAFOD &Trocaire Office in separately sealed envelopesat EnkulalFabrika, Ethiopian Catholic Church Bishops Conference Center, Jubilee Building 1st Floor by latest 15th of October 2018by close of business day.

Should you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to call via 0112-788843/44/45 or +251 911 404891

Child Protection

CAFOD &Trocaire joint office recognises the personal dignity and rights of children, towards whom it has a special responsibility and a duty of care and respect.  CAFOD &Trocaire joint office, and all its staff and volunteers, Consultants undertake to do all in our power to create a safe environment for children and young people and to prevent their physical, sexual or emotional abuse.  CAFOD &Trocaire joint office is committed to acting at all times in the best interests of children, seeing these interests as paramount. 

CAFOD &Trocaire joint office is an equal opportunities employer. Recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to child protection.