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Dan Church Aid is launching a Tender and invites interested CONSULTANTS to participate in the procurement procedure of CONSULANCY SERVICE forBaseline Study of RDPP project in AFAR REGION Asayta&Berhale.

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Tender ref no: - NOT/2018/009

Dan Church Aid (DCA) is a Danish international NGO, providing development and humanitarian assistance to poor people across the world. DCA has been operational in Ethiopia since 2004 and has been working with faith based and secular partners in program thematic areas: Livelihood Security, HIV/AIDS, and Gender and Capacity Building. Dan Church Aid has recently started a project implementation in Ethiopia in Bale, Afar, Wag-Himra and Gambella.

Dan Church Aid is launching a Tender and invites interested CONSULTANTS to participate in the procurement procedure of CONSULANCY SERVICE forBaseline Study of RDPP project in AFAR REGION Asayta&Berhale.  Potential Consultants can collect the RFP free of charge from DCA country office as per the address stated below.

Background of the Project

Ethiopia is a country of both origin, transit, and destination for migrants in the Horn of Africa. According to UNHCR (May 2018), Ethiopia is hosting over 920,262 refugees and asylum seekers, making it one of the world's largest refugee hosting countries. The majority of the refugees come from South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea.

The arrival of Eritreans in Ethiopia started with Ethiopian-Eritrean boarder war in 1998-2000. According to UNHCR May 2018 Report there are 169, 252 refugees in Ethiopia constituting about 18.4% of the total refugee population in the country and out of this total Eritrean refugee population 37, 864 refugees are believed to lodge in Afar region, and about 70% or 27,980 of whom are hosted in the 2 refugee camps (14,914 Aysaita and 13,066 Berhale), and the rest live with host population in different localities. Children under 18 constitute about 58% of the total refugee number; and 48.7% are women.  Fear of military conscription, lack of education for employment, economic strife, the desire to join a family member in another country, and hope for resettlement are often cited by most of the refugees as the main reasons to flee from their country. Both refugee camps are situated in harsh climatic condition with little possibilities of engaging in livelihoods activities.

Most Eritrean refugees in Afar heavily rely on monthly food ration by WFP/ARRA for their subsistence. WFP/ARRA employs a mixed in kind-cash transfer modality in both Aysaita and Berhale Camps. The monthly food basket in Aysaita camp constitute 6 Kg cereal, 1.5kg of pulse, 0.9 kg of vegetable oil, and 0.5 kg of CSB+ and 100 Birr per person per month; whereas the monthly food basket in Berhale camp constitute 11 Kg cereal, 1.5kg of pulse, 0.9 kg of vegetable oil, and 0.5 kg of CSB+ and 50 Birr per person per month. In both camps, some important components of the food ration such as sugar, and salt are totally missing due to funding shortfall. Furthermore, the food basket, even under normal situation, doesn’t constitute important food items such as milk, meat, vegetables, and condiments. In general, the food ration is decreasing in terms of both quantity and quality to the level where it is hardly enough to cover the whole month for refugee HHs, that in turn compelled vulnerable refugee HHs to resort to various negative coping strategies including reduce in amount and frequency of meals, sale of portion of their rations, and sale of firewood etc.

In response to this situation, DANCHURCH AID (DCA) in cooperation with GOAL Ethiopia, launched a project entitled ‘’ Cash-Based Humanitarian Response for Eritrean Refugees in Afar Region’’. The project is funded by the European Commission - European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations – ECHO; and will be implemented in both camps for a period of one year. The intends to enable 3000 refugee households access to basic and varied food items as well as cover other unmet needs, as well as provide 600 refugee households the opportunities to build their livelihoods for the short, medium and long term.

Special Conditions/Requirements: -

  • Company Profile of interested Consultants is required
  • Consultants should include copies of Valid TIN,
  • Copy of VAT registered certificate
  • Copy of renewed trade license for Ethiopian FY 2010 EC and should of related to the assignment otherwise ground for rejection.
  • The offered prices shall be quoted in Ethiopian Birr (ETB).
  • Failure to meet one of the eligibility criteria like registration licence, VAT will be a ground for rejection.
  • Interesting bidders may have any question regarding this tender should send their queries in writing through email to [email protected]. 22nd September2018 before Close of Business or (5:30 PM) copy to [email protected], [email protected]
  • Late submission will not be acceptable, and it will lead to automatic rejection.
  • No BID Bond required.
  • Attaching a recommendation letter from other international organization or similar sectors in similar business is recommended
  • The bid document should be sealed in an envelope and stamped, the BID reference number NOT/2018/009 must be labelled on theoutside of the two envelopes and Submitted to DAN CHURCH AID ADDIS ABABA OFFICE
  • Received bid documents will be opened withinone-week period at DCA Addis Ababa office.
  • Evaluation will be finalized within twoweeks after the bid documents are opened.
  • The validity period of the bids should be at least 30 (thirty) days following the deadline of tender submission.
  • Successful bidders will be communicated by the office and will be issued a letter of award  
  • Unsuccessful suppliers will also be communicated by the office through their email addresses and lettersof regret will be sent to respective bidder/s.
  • Nominated consultants would need to fully agree with the clauses and articles stated in the draft agreement and confirm its acceptance by signature proper contractual agreement.
  • The nominated Consultant should be willing to work with Dan church Aid that payment condition will stated in the contract agreement.


Request for Proposal document can be collected during working hours starting from12thSeptemberto 22ndSeptember 2018to the address stated below.


The deadline for submission of technical as well as financial proposals will be22ndSeptember 2018, before close of business (COB) 5:30PM.


DanChurchAid Ethiopia.

Kirkos Sub City, Kebele 02,

House No 174, Ethio China Road, in front of Tebaber Berta House.

Tel. 0115-52-23-86

Addis Ababa


DCA reserves the right to reject the bid entirely or partly for any reason.