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Engineering Services

 Call for Engineering Services for Steel Structure and Grain Silo Erection

W.A Oil Factory and Distribution plc invites engineering companies to submit their expression of interest for Steel Structure Erection and Silo Erection Services at its new edible oil production project in Debre Markos. The engineering firm participants must have the following qualifications and capacities.

A.            Company Experience and Skilled Staff

  1. Experience in steel structure erection extending to 10 years;
  2. Experience in erecting grain/oil seed silos with pre-cleaning equipment and damping pit;
  3. Able to deploy certified welders, at least 5 in numbers,  in its staff to be deployed for this project;
  4. Able to deploy not less than 15 fitters with steel structure erection experience;
  5. Able to deploy not less than 10 technicians with at least 5 years experience  in the steel structure erection;
  6. Capable to deploy not less than 3 plumbers;
  7. Able to deploy not less than 4 electricians for the erection works;
  8. Having ISO certification;
  9. Able to deploy skilled and experienced engineers to handle the engineering works;

B.            Facilities and Tools

  1. The bidder must be able to provide cranes, forklifts medium truck for transport of goods and materials within the project site;
  2. Having a suitable collection of  hand-tools  like  spanners, pincers, screw  drivers necessary for steel structure erection;
  3. Capable of deploying welding machines for  Mig, Wig and arc welding  as well as gas welding;
  4. Able to provide tools, measuring devices, equipment for the deployed technicians, fitters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, welders and other professionals assigned to do the steel structure erection;

C.            Track Record of Services of the Past Years

  1. List of major steel structure works accomplished in the last 10 years. Not less than 10 large scale  steel structure works  primarily for use in manufacturing, storage and/ or offices are to be listed;
  2. List of silos erected in the past 10 years;
  3. Reference address of  client organizations which received the engineering services in the past 10 years;
  4. Certificate of  accomplishment and satisfaction from clients;

The bidders may send a copy of their active business license, together with their documents showing their capabilities as indicated in A to C above.

The selected three companies will be given a tour of the project site. Detailed drawings will be available for them in order to prepare their technical and financial offers. The winning engineering firm will then be awarded to undertake the project.

Please send your sealed documents in person to our office by June 13, 2018 by the address mentioned below.

  • Addis Ababa, Head Office Located in Bole Sub City/ Around Rwanda Embassy/, on the road to Bole Michael, around 500 m opposite from Washington Medical Center.
  • Tel. 0986474747.